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When we started dating a little over a year ago, or should I say since we started having sex which was pretty much at the same time for all intent and purpose, anal wasn’t even mentioned or considered which I would like to assume to kind of be the case for most people. It’s not like you know each other’s intimate secrets right from the get-go, it takes a bit of time of getting to know one another, relax and explore sexually over a bit of time.

I started teasing in the beginning but she wasn’t for it at all and I let it go completely as not to make her uncomfortable but a few month later she actually brought it up explaining that she protested so strongly in the beginning for fear of judgement. I mean, the last impression just about any girl wants to leave with a girl she likes is that she is slutty and let’s face it anal is still associated with being slutty.

Some time later now and we finally did it. She didn’t love it completely at first and honestly it wasn’t as easy as they make it seem in porn but we’re working at it.

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