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The more things in life change the more they stay the same. Sure, the world might be crazy right now and some things are surprisingly normal. For starters, porn is still everywhere and that’s awesome. Second of all, people still love jerking off to big phat titties. And the internet has not for even one second pretended like it was going to take those magical milk sacks away from us. Tits are always there when we need them. Thanks, internet!

If you’re in the mood to see some off-the-charts chest-icles then you need to look no further than Pinup Files. This site features the most gorgeous girls in the galaxy. Plus they have some ridiculously top-shelf tatas.

Check out this Pinup Files discount for 67% off now. Not only will you lock in a super-low rate, but you’ll also get all exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. These busty babes will make you bust all over your screen time after time, so sign up now! With unlimited downloads, you’ll never have to go without boobies in your face ever again.

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I was in a terrible car wreck a few years ago and since then I get massages on a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s just a normal bodily response or if I have an overactive libido, but I get a hard-on every single time. We’ve all heard stories about massages that have a happy ending, but I’ve never gotten that lucky. It’s definitely what I’m looking for when I’m watching porn. That’s why I’m always searching for more discounts on massage porn sites. If I can’t have it in real life, then I might as well watch the fantasy played out, right?

When I found out I could save up to 84% with a discount to Nuru Massage, it didn’t take me long to sign up at all. This is where you’ll find more than 350+ scenes that are high quality and sure to satisfy. The massages depicted here are all body-on-body. The most beautiful ladies you’ve ever seen not only oil up the lucky guy getting the rub down, but also put oil and lotion all over themselves before they jump on top and work all the kinks out, so to speak. 

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Posted By Karlie on 08/23/20

There is always a time and place to call a king, but with so many sites floating on the web, I found that one of the very best sites has to go to the Brazzers network. Brazzers is a network that is devoted to tits, ass, and beautiful women and is willing to go that extra step to make one feel welcomed. Before I got things started, I was able to use this Brazzers 41% off discount now and grab access to their entire collection of hardcore reality scenes.

Brazzers is a hot spot for some of the finest ladies that walk the planet, featuring Cherie Deville, Gabbie Carter, Madison Ivy, Lisa Ann, Rachel Starr, Jayden Jaymes Phoenix Marie, Nicole Aniston, and Mia Malkova. Overall, members will have access to over 8,400+ exclusive videos, with new scenes dropping every day. Streaming is unlimited, and this collection comes in 1080p HD. This membership includes everything they have to offer with sites like Baby Got Boobs, Hot Chicks Big Asses, Big Tits In School, Day With A Pornstart, Dirty Masseur, and more.

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If you don’t know who Kelly Madison is then you must be like me. I could just not give less of a fuck about names. You might be however proud of your name but fact of the matter is you had nothing to do with it and it doesn’t tell me jack-shit about who you are. So I will remember people by their personalities and appearances but won;t even be able to repeat your name immediately after you introduced yourself as I’ve already switched off to it.

Everyone else will know who she is because the rest that won’t are those who apparently don’t watch porn and will therefore not be reading this.

Just in case though:

She’s a 52yo MILF bombshell and hails from Newport Beach, California in the US of A. She stands 5’8″ tall and weighs only 132lbs which is very little for a tall girl such as she is. Plenty of that is attributed to her massive 34FF natural tits as well.

She is one of the sluttiest pornstars you’ll ever get to enjoy and you can do so while you save 67% now with a Kelly Madison discount.

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Check out the massive tits on this babe! Don’t you want to see them…er…her in action?! With this link you can save 76% now on Evil Angel with our discount to an entire network full of gorgeous babes in intense scenes that will have you thanking your lucky stars that you didn’t let this one pass you by!

Not only will this babe and her fabulous fun bags greet you inside, but there are thousands of other top pornstars to enjoy. With over 10,000 exclusive scenes spread over more than twenty sites, there is tons of variety for every one of your fantasies to come to life before your very eyes. They even update more than 100 times every month, so there’s a steady stream of fodder to keep you fapping!

There are full length DVDs available to, more than 1,600 to be exact. And everything is in crystal clear HD and available to download or to stream directly in your browser. Honestly, you can even access this from your smart phone, so there’s nothing holding you back from all of the hot content whenever the need may arise!


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A friend of mine fell through a sliding glass door when we were kids and had to get a ton of stitches. It was a pretty traumatizing thing for me to witness and even worse for him to experience. I thought his poor mom was going to have a heart attack.

Porn brings that memory back for me pretty frequently. It is an industry that loves to smash tits against glass. Shower doors are probably the most frequent offenders, but I have seen a variety. This scene from Brazzers is probably the first time I have seen it with recording studio glass.

I feel like I am watching a horror movie scene. The sexy couple is starting to fuck and viewers get to see tits, then suddenly the murderer appears. Or in this case, the glass breaks. Fortunately that never really happens, and if it did, I seriously doubt the studio would upload it to their site.

I want to love those titty smooshing scenes, but they trigger me every time.

Get Brazzers for 67% off with this discount and watch that country girl coochie take a pounding.

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Posted By Admin on 06/10/19

When we started dating a little over a year ago, or should I say since we started having sex which was pretty much at the same time for all intent and purpose, anal wasn’t even mentioned or considered which I would like to assume to kind of be the case for most people. It’s not like you know each other’s intimate secrets right from the get-go, it takes a bit of time of getting to know one another, relax and explore sexually over a bit of time.

I started teasing in the beginning but she wasn’t for it at all and I let it go completely as not to make her uncomfortable but a few month later she actually brought it up explaining that she protested so strongly in the beginning for fear of judgement. I mean, the last impression just about any girl wants to leave with a girl she likes is that she is slutty and let’s face it anal is still associated with being slutty.

Some time later now and we finally did it. She didn’t love it completely at first and honestly it wasn’t as easy as they make it seem in porn but we’re working at it.

This link gets you a 67% off discount usable at Vogo V.

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Posted By Karlie on 04/17/19

If you’re like me, you prefer to have a wide variety of options. When it comes to my porn, I like so many different things, and I’m always finding myself drawn to new things. When I found out I could receive $20 off with our Adult Time discount offer; it was better than Christmas day. This is a mega-site that gives me everything I could ever wish for and more.

Members will enjoy having a network of close to 100 sites at their fingertips. Horny MILFs and eager teens of all different body types, and ethnicities are just waiting to turn you on. Watch intimate solo masturbation videos where the hotties tell you just how they like to be touched or intense hardcore action. If you’re the kind of guy that loves his sex kinky, they’ve got you covered as well. There’s plenty of BDSM and fetish porn to keep you satisfied. All of this hot hardcore action is brought to you in the best quality available. There are even stunning 4K Ultra HD videos that will give you crystal clear shots of every detail.

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Posted By Karlie on 01/07/19

When I’m watching porn, I want to see ladies my own age. Women in their forties are fucking hot. They are fully developed physically and have their lives together. They don’t play games and they know exactly what they want and how to get it. When I found out about this MYLF discount for 67% off now, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. This site has exactly what I’ve been looking for.

The ladies featured at this site are experienced, to say the least. They’ve been on their sexual journeys for long enough to know what they like and what they want. The only games they play are sexual and that’s only if they want to. Their sexual appetites have grown with age and now they’re ravishing in their sexualities. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or another woman, they are masters at seduction and can satisfy anyone they choose. This is definitely the kind of site you’re going to want to have your lube handy before you sit down to watch.


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I don’t think there’s anything hotter than when you’re fucking a busty chick and you get to watch her tits bounce. I make it a bit of a game with myself really, speeding up, slowing down, making them bounce up and down, side to side, sometimes when you really are putting it in you get that clockwise motion. Jesus Christ that’s hot!

Of course it’s so fucking mesmerizing sometimes you don’t even feel your balls tighten and your orgasm building before it’s too late. It can really sneak up on you, and not only do I not want to be known as a two minute man, but I also do like to prolong the enjoyment and feel my cock in her pussy for as long as I can.

That’s why I’m working on building up a tolerance to watching big tits bounce. I do that by watching busty babes fuck with this Busty Lover deal for under $20! Not only am I building up my stamina, but I’m also getting off to hot big tittied babes! 

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Posted By Karlie on 10/24/18

I’m a pretty picky guy. When I’m looking for porn there are a few things I’m looking for specifically. The most important thing to me is big boobs. I prefer natural, but as long as they’re big I’m happy. And my version of big is more than just a handful. I want giant, full bodied milk jugs. If a girl doesn’t have big tits she doesn’t get my attention. I’ll just keep on scrolling right past her. I want a set big enough I can use them for pillows if I so choose.

The other important thing is that they are amateurs. I don’t want to see old used up pornstars that have had so much cock they’re worn out. I want fresh meat if you will. The girl next door type. The girl doesn’t have to be super young. I’ve jacked off to my fair share of MILFs in my life. You can use this discount link for 26% off Yes Boobs and admire all the amateur girls with big knockers.

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Posted By Karlie on 10/11/18

Every guy loves big titties. There’s nothing better than a woman with a nice rack. One that sits up high, demanding men’s attention. Clothing lines know how important tits are and that’s why there are so many designs with the tits damn near falling out. They know men want to see them and girls want guys to look at them. Watching a chick play with her own tits is sure to get you hard. Rubbing on her own nipples to get them standing up. From birth we’ve been trying to get nipples in our mouths.

I like to do all kinds of things with big tits. Caressing them, sucking on them, you know, the basics. But also titty fucking is high up on the list of things I like to do to them. Shooting my load all over a woman’s chest is an awesome feeling too. If you haven’t tried it, you should.  Get big tits porn discounts so you can watch all the big titty action for a bargain.

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Quality porn may come at a price, but when you use this New Sensations discount link for $7.95 per month, it’s such a good deal that you’ll be wondering why you’ve been jerking it to mediocre porn all along. I mean, there’s just something to be said about fully exclusive content, especially when it’s available with unlimited downloads and streaming in full HD, with the newer vids even in stunning 4K!

There are actually 15 premium sites included with this pass, which gives you over 2500 of the sexiest sluts in the business. You’ll find top pornstars and fresh faces featured in more than 6500 videos. It’s hard to peg down an exact number, since they have multiple updates every week. Just know that there’s always something new, and it seems the content keeps one uping itself to be even hotter than the last!

You’ll never need another porn site again, and why would you even need to look when they cover a variety of niches and always stay up to date with new technology and trends!

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Brazzers is like the girlfriend that you’ve always wanted, but you know that she is just out of your league. Good news guys, Brazzers isn’t out of your league at all, in fact it’s well within your grasp. For many years now guys just like yourself have been able to count on it time and time again for providing hot and very hardcore porn.

Over 30 sites now call this network home. With 8,000+ xxx scenes, 1000’s of pornstars and grade A sex you’ll never need to visit another porn site again. Brazzers didn’t get to where they are now by cutting corners, or short selling on anything that they offer. Use this 67% off Brazzers discount and you can see for yourself.

Once inside you might feel a little overwhelmed at first, don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. It’s not like the network is hard to navigate or anything, its just that there’s so much porn to check out. Think it’s time that you gave yourself something cum worthy to enjoy? I think you more than deserve getting that and a whole lot more!

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There’s just something about this girl that makes her unusually attractive. I mean she’s clearly gorgeous, but it’s more than that. She has this exotic and mischievous concoction going on there that gives me the impression that she is a lot of fun. It certainly makes her very sexy.

What is also quite impressive is this Swank Pass $20 off discount list. Twenty of the sweetest sites on the net featuring gorgeous women, clearly placing a lot of value on looks as their recruitment department definitely did not hold back at all in the talent scouting department.

From what I have seen, they have not sacrificed in any other area to achieve this though as the sets are cracker, the filing and photography top notch and the scenes are professionally edited and seamless.

All and all, value for money to be found right here.

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